Teacher Rewards

Please note, library visits are limited to one-hour and face coverings are required for the duration of the visit. More information

Teachers at schools within Lake Villa District Library boundaries will receive raffle tickets for using LVDL school services. Tickets will be drawn on the first Monday of October, December, February, April, and June. If we pull your ticket, you can come in to pick out a book to keep for your classroom library. See details for school services eligible for raffle tickets.

Teachers can receive a ticket for:

  • Booktalks to classes
  • Host an LVDL mystery reader
  • Check out a Classroom Connection bag
  • Have us teach a resource (databases, Library Smarts, etc…)
  • School Cards (1 ticket a week max)
  • Completing a GALE course for education
  • Attending a CPDU program / Teacher Workshop
  • Literacy Night (librarian/principal)
  • Book Fair booktalks (librarian/principal)
  • Field trip to the library
  • Co-teaching lessons
  • Class using the databases or using OverDrive on their Chromebooks (show us a picture of your kids using them on their Chromebooks)
  • Using Monarch/Bluestem/Caudills for Lit Circles